I made the title sound dramatic, but it's actually a really funny and positive story.

So, I've mentioned numerous times in previous posts that we like to camp for free. This is possible because of the wonderfulness that is the concept of public land. Dispersed camping areas are basically just pieces of land in National Forests, parks, or BLM land where you are allowed to camp and spend the night. There are, of course, restrictions, but this is usually our number one choice when finding a camping spot in a new area.

And, if you read my most recent post, you know that we love hot springs. We took a trip up to Taos, New Mexico to visit one of our favorite spots, Black Rock Hot Springs. This hot spring oasis is located in the Rio Grande Gorge, so it's a bit of a drive outside of town and there is free dispersed camping if you drive across the gorge and up the other side to the top of the mesa. We found a gorgeous spot overlooking the Rio Grande (where we could also keep an eye on the hot springs parking to see when it was least busy). It was Halloween Eve and also the eve of the full moon and it had just snowed recently, so we had a sage brush campfire and enjoyed our evening in our beautiful camping spot.

In the morning, we hit the hot spring. There was only one other person there, and we soaked for about two hours. The dogs stayed in the van because it's a scramble down the rocks to get to the spring and they were comfy in bed.

We hiked back up to the van and had breakfast- hash browns and vegan sausage patties and, of course, coffee. After that, I laid down to take a nap and Sven went to ride his dirtbike in the mud a little.

When I heard the dirtbike approaching our campsite once again, I woke up to welcome Sven back. The first thing he said to me was "there are some real fancy people down there, I don't know if they're getting married or what." Not two minutes later, two cars pulled into our camping area (which is unusual because usually if you see someone camping you don't pull in lol). We quickly realized it was the aforementioned "fancy" people.

They walked over and said hi and then followed with, "so, we were planning on getting married here in like half an hour". We laughed and told them of course we would move out of their way and they picked a really great spot. Luckily, we can load up pretty quickly, and luckily Sven had just arrived back from his ride, so everything was packed up in about 15 minutes.  

While we were packing up, one of the fancy people asked, "so are you from Florida?" pointing to our license plate. We answered that yes, we were, and they said that was so funny because the groom was from Tampa! (That's only about 90 minutes from where we were living in Fort Myers).

They were incredibly sweet and I'm sure it was an absolutely gorgeous and intimate wedding. In fact, I may have Instagram stalked the location tag so I could see how beautiful the bride looked as we didn't get a chance to see her before we left. Here's a little glimpse:

Not my photo, and if you guys are reading this I hope you don't think it's super weird that I'm including your picture lol.

All in all, it was a great example of random encounters that can happen on the road. Due to Covid, these chance meetings have become few and far between, but every once in a while you cross paths and can't avoid it.