Hi guys! Welcome to Poopin' All Over the World. Here's a little bit of an intro on who we are and how PAOW was born.

In January 2020, my husband and I embarked on an international trip to Germany and Italy. For him, it was business-related. For me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to live in Italy for 3 months! If you know me, you'll know there was no way I would be content with leaving both of my dogs at home. They are both my Emotional Support Animals (which I will post more about later), BUT you can only bring one ESA with you in the cabin of a commercial plane. For the purposes of our travels, I decided that Nymeria, my husky/chihuahua/mutt would make more sense to bring with us, as Samus is larger and has an easier temperament to confidently send her on her own vacation with our friends for the duration of our trip.

Nym did AMAZINGly well on the plane and we made it to our apartment in Torino without any major hiccups. We lived our best lives in Italy, where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners into cafes and shops, on public transit rides, and basically anywhere you can think of. Very quickly, I wanted to find a way to share some snapshots of our travels, but I never really wanted to fit into the mold of "travel instagrammer". I previously dreamed up the idea of an Instagram page with photos of our dogs pooping in beautiful places the year before when we were in Key West, FL for our anniversary, but never got to the actualization phase. With the help of my roommates, husband, and that good Italian wine, Poopin' All Over the World was born.

As you may be able tell from our intro photo, the name is a play on Ludacris' 'Pimpin' All Over the World', a banger from the early 2000's. If you don't sing 'Poopin' All Over the World' to this tune every time you access our page, you're doing it wrong. If you don't know the tune, this is for you: ‌‌

Poopin' All Over the World rapidly grew into my passion project (who would've thought I would care so much about poop?!?) as it combines three of my favorite things: dogs, travel, and inappropriate humor. It's meant to bring some light-hearted humor to the Instagram world where I've found that people often take themselves very seriously. ‌

After we had been in Italy for about a month and a half, Corona Virus hit and we were forced to retreat to Germany, where my husband is from, and poop in this new country. Once we were able (about 2 months later), we returned back to our home in Florida in the US for a short time before embarking on a long-dreamed-of trip across the country in our Sprinter van. And that's where we are now! I'm currently sitting in the Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah with both dogs by my side sippin' a Topo Chico.

I hope that Poopin' All Over the World can bring some laughter and smiles to my internet friends while at the same time being informative about topics such as dog rescue, van life travel, emotional support animals and even more.